Straight answers to common questions and concerns

We had an audit conducted 3 years ago and no funds were recovered. Why do it again?
Previous audit results have little or no bearing on the potential outcome of an audit. It should be a routine procedure conducted every 2-3 years.

We recently changed carriers, and the new carrier performed an audit prior to the changeover. Is there still a benefit?
If overcharges had existed from the billing records of the previous vendor, the overbillings are often transferred to the billing records of the new provider.

We are concerned about our records. Are they kept confidential?
We do not sell, market or distribute in any way the information gathered during an audit.

Will you need copies of all our phone bills?
No, this is probably the biggest misconception. In most cases, we do not require copies of bills at all, as we work directly with the carrier. Occasionally we do need a copy of a specific recent bill, but copies of historical phone bills are rarely required.

We have a consultant or telecom manager that reviews the bills. Isn't this sufficient?
Most firms have an in-house telecommunications manager, or utilize the services of telecom consultants. A busy telecom manager cannot devote the time and energy needed to decipher Telecom Tariffs, considered a sub-specialty area of telecommunications.

We will be moving shortly. Is this the right time?
Absolutely. The best time to conduct the audit is prior to the move. It represents the finest opportunity to recover funds at the existing site. The same principle applies to a firm changing carriers or systems.

What is the catch?
There is no catch. We have been providing contingency fee-based telephone audits for over 25 years. No refund, no fee. It's that simple.