Our clients say:

"I would like to thank you and Walter A. McDermott for your efforts in saving us a substantial amount of money. Due to your diligence and expertise, Hambrecht & Quist has received refunds and credits to date in the amount of $409,582.49. In addition we will be realizing a monthly savings of $5,876.43 resulting from the elimination of the overcharges. This monthly savings will amount to a savings of $70,517.16 in just the first year.
We are so pleased with the results of the audit that we want to expand the audit process to our offices outside the New York area. Once again, thank you for a job well done."

>Chase H&Q

"I would like to thank you for conducting a very valuable telephone audit for Tangent International. As a result we were able to eliminate $ 300.00 per month in billing errors that we were paying to the Bell Atlantic Telephone Company. In addition, we received $ 11,000 in combined refunds for past overcharges. Thank you for a job that exceeded our expectations."

>Tangent International

"Over the years, you have been extremely helpful in correcting overcharges by the telephone company. Due to your efforts we have realized considerable monthly savings, in addition to obtaining sizable refunds. Your telephone audits have been both painless and extremely professional. The savings have far outweighed the small amount of effort that we contributed to this project.
Many thanks for helping us and we look forward to your future efforts in our behalf."

>Hotel San Carlos

"With our receipt of refunds in excess of $66,000, I am very pleased indeed that we decided to take advantage of your company's auditing service. In addition to the actual refund checks, our bills have undergone significant reductions, providing a benefit that should carry forward for years to come."

>Maher Terminals, Inc.

"It is indeed my pleasure to offer our appreciation for the productive telephone audit recently performed for the Episcopal Church Center.
Having utilized similar services from other firms in the past with minimal results, it was a most pleasant surprise to have received retroactive refunds in excess of $6,000."

>The Episcopal Church Center